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The Unlimited Potential Show I Relatable Self Development

Mar 24, 2021

Welcome back to the Unlimited Potential Show! Let us ask you a question, do the phrases “I’m horrible with remembering names”, “I’m not a good cook.”, “I’m not a fast learner”, or “I am a bad reader”,  sound familiar?

Our lives can be dictated by phrases like this. Negative thoughts and limiting beliefs are the number one thing holding you back from reaching your Ultimate Potential. What if you could increase your learning and maximize almost every part of your brain with only a few simple tricks?

Lucky for us, you can!

This week we talk about the potential to exponentially increase your learning ability and memorization power. We know, it sounds impossible but you’ll learn about Ji Kwik the author of “Limitless” a national bestseller that will have you retraining your brain to memorize and process things 10 times faster than before. We discuss Jim’s journey and how he went from the boy with the “broken brain” to a brain coach and best-selling author.  

Today, we say put the pen and paper DOWN and engage the episode with all five senses. We’ll acknowledge two mindsets that keep everyone from learning faster and give real-time exercises so you can experience much faster memorization in just a few minutes. Learn about this life-changing method, and even hear some of our personal limiting beliefs that we need to work on. 

For more information about how you can increase your brain power and to find the books mentioned in the episode check out the links below!


More Of What We Cover 

  • The quality of how to learn
  • How you can learn things 10 times faster
  • The ineffectiveness of rote learning
  • Getting rid of your ego and picking up a beginners mindset
  • Acknowledging your limiting beliefs
  • How working harder doesn’t help 
  • The 4 categories to active memorization
  • How engaging all your senses can help you learn faster
  • The importance of energy in your memory
  • Real-time examples of bettering your memory
  • And much more!




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Episode Minute By Minute: 

  • 0:20 Welcome back!
  • 6:09 The main thing Chris learned in Law School
  • 7:50 The issue with school today
  • 8:38 Quotes of the day
  • 15:00 How to maximize your brainpower and learn anything
  • 22:28 Lessons from Jim Quick
  • 27:01 The four categories of learning techniques 
  • 36:17 Real-life example on how to remember anything
  • 49:38 An interactive exercise for you to try at home
  • 1:04 How this method works for Hollywood