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The Unlimited Potential Show I Relatable Self Development

Oct 13, 2021

Imagine if your past was written in books. Or even better, imagine if your past thoughts were written in books. What would you learn? What patterns would you see? This is the exact approach Matthew McConaughey took when writing his newly celebrated book, “Greenlights”. 

Welcome back to the Unlimited Potential Show! Today we take a deep dive into Matthew McConaughey’s “Greenlights” and the power he has recently brought to the self-improvement industry. Through journals that he has been keeping throughout his whole life, successes, failures, lessons, wonder, and more. Matthew has pieced together a theme throughout his life on how and when to deal with challenges. We talk about what he labels as his “McConaissance” and how he began the journey of looking into his past. 

Join us in this two-part series as we discuss the journey Matthew had to go through as highly popular rom-com heartthrob to unbranding himself and re-emerging as a deep and genuine actor. You’ll hear how he came up with a way to engineer your success by “catching all the greenlights” in life. We talk about how every red light has the potential to become a green light. Sometimes, what we thought were red lights are actually green lights, it just takes looking at it from the rearview mirror to see it. 

So, hit play, sit back, and listen in as we talk about how you can change the trajectory of your life and start loving failures, celebrating successes, and living your life to the fullest. 

For resources that we talked about in this episode, check out the links below!


More Of What’s Inside:

  • The incredible mind of Matthew McConaughey
  • Keeping journals as peeks into the past
  • Matthew’s “McConaissance”’ and his turning point
  • Rebranding himself as a rom-com actor
  • Digging deep into dramatic roles
  • Finding the green lights in your past
  • Learning from the red lights in your life
  • Engineering your green lights to gain freedom
  • Habitually changing your priorities
  • Doing the work today to enjoy more of tomorrow
  • And much more!


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Episode Minute By Minute: 

  • 0:02 - A look into the episode
  • 1:19 - Shout out to our listeners
  • 2:55 - What we cover today 
  • 9:04 - Digging into “Greenlights”
  • 14:11 - The renaissance of McConaughey
  • 19:12 - Stepping into deeper roles
  • 25:06 - Unbranding to rebrand
  • 31:18 - Looking in the rearview mirror
  • 36:04 - Engineering green lights in your life