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The Unlimited Potential Show I Relatable Self Development

Sep 7, 2022

At the end of the day, we all want to go to bed at night knowing we performed at our best…and every morning we should be motivated to perform at an even higher level than the day before. But what actually gives us this type of motivation? In this two-part series, we hope to answer that question and more. 

If you haven’t listened to part one of this conversation, go back and do so before jumping in! We cover a few powerful concepts we think all leaders should know. If you have already heard episode 78, hit play to hear the conclusion to our deep dive conversation on the topic of all things “motivation!”

Today's episode is actually inspired by a keynote speech Dr. Ram heard recently at a conference. The speech was called “5 ways of increasing performance amongst yourself or, those you work with” by entrepreneurs and author Daniel Pink. 

The speech was so inspiring Dr. Ram took pages of notes during the presentation and started implementing Pink’s wisdom with his own team. Obviously, we knew he had to bring this level of gold to the podcast for you! 

Did you know that a recent Gallup poll found that 86% of people are dissatisfied with their jobs? We would argue that the reason for this is that we are going about motivating our teams incorrectly…In last week's show, we outlined five simple research-backed methods that you can use to not only motivate but also motivate the teams that you work with.

In today's show, we pick up where we left off and discuss the difference between what's known as “extrinsic” versus “intrinsic” motivation. Knowing the difference could make or break your current goals, self-performance and team! 


More Of What’s Inside:

  • Motivation from the late great Kobe Bryant
  • What has motivated humans throughout history
  • What we need to know about “creative” work
  • How to motivate your team more effectively
  • What Chris does with his free time
  • How Dr. Ram is mastering meditation
  • Are you giving people opportunities to grow?
  • And much more!


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Episode Minute By Minute: 

  • 1:08 What you’ll learn on today’s episode
  • 3:10 Recap of episode 78
  • 9:25 Chris’ love for learning and solving problems
  • 10:35 The difference between extrinsic versus intrinsic
  • 15:15 How most companies motivate in 2022
  • 18:55 A few insightful studies that prove this theory 
  • 23:44 How to lead people that “love the game”
  • 31:00 How Dr. Ram is getting better with meditation