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The Unlimited Potential Show I Relatable Self Development

Sep 28, 2022

Today on the show we have (in our opinion) one of the best guests to date!

Hit play to meet Alan Stein Jr. He's a successful basketball performance coach who's worked alongside and with superstars like Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, and Kobe Bryant for over 15 years.

Since then he transitioned his career to one of a keynote speaker for major companies like Pepsi and Amex, and more. He has customized programs that are designed to transfer his unique expertise to maximize both individual and organizational performance.

This insanely valuable conversation was so good we had to split it up into two parts! What you are about to hear is part two. Check out episode 81 for the first half of this conversation with the one and only Alan Stein.

In part two, we talk about important concepts such as having clarity over your future self, how to forgive yourself and to move on from mistakes of the past and how to become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

You’ll also learn how habits, behaviors, and the micro-skills around your daily decisions have the power to radically transform your health, wealth, mindset, relationships, and all other areas of life.

After you’re finished with today’s show, it’s time to take action! What’s one thing you can take from these episodes and start applying it in your own life? Let us know! Reach out to us and join the Unlimited Potential Community! Follow the links below to learn more.


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Why are the afternoons may be more dangerous…? Find out what we mean WHEN we are back for episode #83!

More Of What’s Inside:

  • Does your future self matter now?
  • The key to hitting all your goals
  • Why “manifesting” isn’t weird or fake
  • Why you have to just keep going
  • You should always be improving 
  • Forgive yourself and move on
  • Lessons from the highest achievers in the world
  • Why your habits matter more than you think 
  • The road to becoming your higher-self
  • And much more!


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Episode Minute By Minute: 

  • 0:02 What you’ll hear in today’s episode 
  • 5:24 What Alan asks himself every night in bed
  • 7:29 Why causes lack fulfillment 
  • 12:27 There is nothing easy about doing the personal work
  • 18:16 How to get comfortable with being uncomfortable 
  • 23:28 Chris explains the 40% capacity rule 
  • 29:40 Why sustaining your game is the hardest path
  • 34:27 Life lessons from Jaime Fox 
  • 39:37 Why humility has massive ROI