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The Unlimited Potential Show I Relatable Self Development

Oct 12, 2022

Time isn't the main thing, it's the only thing. - Miles Davis

A few weeks ago we did an episode on motivation and we covered some of the major points from a keynote speech Dr. Ram heard from Daniel Pink. He was so fascinated by some of the concepts that he talked about during the event, he had to dig deeper specifically into one of his books called “When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing.”

Today we are going to cover the main takeaways you need to know to unlock your Unlimited Potential! If you haven’t already read When here is some context about the book. It was published in 2018, and the book is made of data and research he gathered through 700 different scientific studies to get a better understanding of how big of a role timing plays in our life.

He looked at the different facets of society and culture in fields like economics, anthropology, social psychology, and others. And his goal was to give us a look as to why we make the decisions we do. But not only that. When we make these decisions, why we make them when we do rather.

He looked at fields like economics, anthropology, social psychology, and others with the goal of giving us a look at why we make the decisions we do. Not only that, when we do. Hit play to learn about the power of timing, how to optimize every second of your day, what you can do to make your business or workplace more efficient, and so much more. 

After you’re finished with today’s show, it’s time to take action! What’s one thing you can take from these episodes about “motivation” and start applying it in your own life? Let us know! Reach out to us and join the Unlimited Potential Community! Follow the links below to learn more. 


More Of What’s Inside:

  • The real power of daily habits
  • How time affects humans (way more than you think) 
  • Why Daniel Pink found this study so important 
  • How Chris stays effective and efficient in his law firm
  • How to create an optimized daily, weekly and monthly schedule 
  • How to set yourself up to win
  • The emotional cycle of humans throughout the day
  • Practical tips on staying focused 
  • Dr. Ram shares how his company keeps meetings productive 
  • And much more!


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Episode Minute By Minute: 

  • 0:02 How to have a more productive day (60 seconds quick tip!)
  • 1:26 What’s inside today’s episode 
  • 7:16 The barriers we create around time
  • 9:40 The emotional patterns most people have during a day
  • 21:12 You can train yourself to focus 
  • 27:30 How to have a more productive meeting  
  • 34:09 The worst time to get medical treatment 
  • 40:44 How to increase efficiency at the office