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The Unlimited Potential Show I Relatable Self Development

Feb 17, 2021

We as humans are complex and diverse beings.  If you were to call a meeting with 100 of the most successful people you know and ask each of them to candidly share their journey to success, you would be there all night listening to 100 different stories. 

However, when you push past the differences and look a little closer you will see there is one thing in common in every great success story. That common thread is known as mistakes. 

If you have been in Corporate America or played competitive sports growing up you have probably have heard an eye-rolling amount of “learn from your mistakes” pep talks in the past...we get it. 

That is why today we have an honest conversation about mistakes and how we can use them to reach our highest potential. Hear first hand what we learned from observing our heroes and how they handle their mistakes. 

Here is a hint: It turns out there are no failures in life, only failures to learn from those mistakes. 

Listen in to hear the exact 4-step framework we use to turn mistakes into learning opportunities, how to choose the hard things in life for long-term impact, the number one skill every leader should develop, and more!

P.S. don’t make this another podcast you listen to and forget. Every week we invite you to implement at least one takeaway you got from the show in your own life. DM us on Instagram and let us know your biggest mistake this week. We can celebrate together!


More Of What We Cover

  • What Chris looks for in a hero
  • The multiplier effect
  • One of the best skills you can develop
  • Personal vs. professional mistakes
  • The importance of paying attention  
  • Learning to “unpack” your mistakes
  • courage to turn knowledge into action.
  • Action is the only thing that moves the needle
  • Why self-awareness is key
  • How courage defines us
  • And much more!





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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:18 Welcome to the episode!
  • 0:51 What to expect today
  • 1:17 The quote of the day
  • 2:10 You have consistency choose the hard path
  • 3:26 The difference between you and your heroes
  • 4:30 What Dr. Ram learned from 
  • 6:44 The concept of the day 
  • 8:03 Creating others leader
  • 12:02 The best learning opportunities
  • 15:17 The relatability factor
  • 18:08 The four-step process to handling mistakes
  • 19:53 Chris’ concept of the day
  • 31:51 Episode recap